Inquisitive Emperor Penguins Star in Delightful Selfie (Video)

Screen capture. Eddie Gault/Australian Antarctic Division

Australian Antarctic Division captures a vision of curious penguins ready for their close-up.

This is the best 38 seconds I will surely have all day (except that I’ve watched it so many times that I’m up to double-digit minutes at this point).

Australian Antarctic Division expeditioner Eddie Gault was doing Antarctic expedition things when he left his camera on the ice during a visit to the Auster Rookery near Australia’s Mawson research station.

One big cutie-pie of an Emperor penguin spies the machine, waddles over, gives us an intimate view of penguin tummy and feet, then “thwack!” expertly kicks the camera into proper selfie position. A penguin friend ambles over, they chirp-coo impossibly cute penguin sounds, check things out, shake and jiggle a bit, and the rest is penguin selfie history.

While it may not be a true selfie, given that they didn't actually trigger the recording, it's "selfie" enough for us ... and apparently for the thousands of people who have been charmed by the ice-crunching dynamic duo already. See for yourself below.