The Slauerhoffbrug "Flying Drawbridge"- why did nobody think of this before?

Screen capture Slauerhoffbrug

There are a lot of canals in the Netherlands, and that means a lot of bridges. There is also a lot of experimentation and innovation. Drawbridges are always interesting as designers look for different ways of getting roads and bike lanes out of the way of boats. Sam Dunne of Core 77 shows this one nicknamed "The flying drawbridge" for good reason. It is so logical and clever; usually the lift mechanism is parallel to the road, so vehicles have to go over under it.

Here, by offsetting the lifting on an angle, it gets out of the way of the cars. Once you see it work, it just seems so obvious. There is going to be some serious engineering in having that big piece of road hang off the end of the mechanism, but I still think it is brilliant.

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Scale Lane BridgeScale Lane Bridge via PSFK/via

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