DOC2DOCK Less Hospital Waste = More Lives Saved (Video)

DOC2DOCK Saves Hospital Waste & Lives Efficiently© DOC2DOCK

In one end of the world, medical supplies go to waste. U.S. hospitals alone waste thousands of tons of medical supplies every day. At the same time, in another part of the world, people die due to lack of medicine. This and similar un fair problems of imbalance have been around forever but since 2005 somebody is making a big difference, catching two birds with one stone. DOC2DOCK collects and redistributes waste medical supplies to match the specific needs of hospitals in the developing world. Less waste; more lives! Brilliant, isn't it? And I love their video!

The wasted medical supplies are unused and sterile, discarded for regulatory reasons but fully functional equipment. A network of medical professionals and volunteers in the U.S. and developing countries collect, sort, ship and redistribute usable medical supplies and equipment. So far they have served over 2 million people in the developing world as well as eliminating tons of landfill. If you agree that this is a very smart way of working, visit DOC2DOCK and see how you can help.

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