24V Invisible Radiant Heating System Spotted at Casa Decor '11

M-Therm radiant heating system with foil© Petz Scholtus + M-Therm

M-Therm Comfort-Heating is a new energy- and material-efficient way to heat our homes. I spotted these two rolls of heating foil in one of the rooms at this year's Casa Decor in Barcelona. You simply apply the foil like wallpaper to the walls or place it under a floating floor. Paint over it or put tiles or parquet on top, then plug it in and it starts radiating heat without needing a difficult installation or taking up space. This German product runs on only 24 volts and warms rooms to a comfortable temperature of 18º to 20ºC.

M-Therm radiant heating system with foil© M-Therm

This can easily be compared to radiant floor heating and has the same advantages regarding our comfort and health. The company explains that the radiant heat effect feels exactly like sun-rays that evenly warm you and the objects that they hit. Depending on where and how you live, this is definitely an interesting option instead of burning wood, using geothermal power, or even heating with organic waste. But of course what we should do first before turning on any heat is seal our spaces, put on a nice warm jumper and even wear some bloody gloves to get warm at your office.

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