Infographic Reveals How Climate Change Affects Nutrition

CC BY 2.0. Carl Wycoff -- Iowa corn crop next to high water

This is real food for thought.

As the climate changes, so will the food produced on this changing planet. There could be less of it, due to extreme weather events and slower-growing crops at higher temperatures. The food itself could have fewer nutrients, as crops grown in a high carbon dioxide atmosphere have lower levels of zinc, iron, and protein. The psychological effects of food insecurity are significant too, causing long-term disordered eating, malnutrition, and entrenched poverty, as food costs skyrocket.

It's a dire topic, but one that must be considered and discussed in these days when there is still a chance to make a difference. The following infographic does a good job at outlining the basic food-related problems with climate change and some ideas for personal action.

Climate change & food infographic

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