Infographic Reveals the Damaging Effects of Helicopter Parenting

©. Matt Zajechowski (used with permission)

It may seem like love at the time, but parents who overdo it can create lasting problems for their precious little ones.

Parents, it’s time to give your kids a break! The rate of ‘helicopter parenting’ has been rising steadily over the past several decades, as more and more parents demonstrate an inability to allow their children to cultivate independence and self-sufficiency. While most parents have their children’s best interests at heart, it’s tragic to see the way in which this overbearing method of parenting has lasting negative consequences on the way a child turns out.

The following infographic was created by Dr. Jesse Viner and Matt Zajechowski for Yellowbrick, a clinical psychology and treatment model for young adults needing better self-regulation functions and basic survival skills. It does an excellent job of showing that there is such thing as over-parenting.

helicopter parenting infographic

© Matt Zajechowski (used with permission)