Incredibly Detailed 121MP Photos of Earth With Colors Like You've Never Seen

earth image
Video screen capture. Planet Earth

We've seen amazing images of our planet over the years, taken by astronauts and satellites alike. We've seen how the planet looks like a blue marble with white swirls and a few green and gold specks. But really, have we ever seen anything like this?

Planet Earth/Video screen captureThe colors and detail captured by a Russian satellite takes the cake, at least for now, on how beautiful our planet looks from way, way above. PetaPixel writes, "The video you see above is a time lapse put together from 6 days worth of 121-megapixel images taken every 30 minutes by the satellite. The images themselves are not composites of several either, they are just incredibly detailed photos of the entire planet taken from some 22 thousand miles away. They’re so detailed, in fact, that the resolution comes out to about 1 kilometer per pixel — or in laymen’s terms: this ain’t no camera phone. To add a little bit of color to the proceedings the images are also taken in 4 rather than just 3 wavelengths, yielding that orange color which is actually infrared imaging of vegetation."

Sit, and be amazed for awhile. You can see more at Planet Earth