In These Workout Clothes, There Are No Sizes

Manifesta wants to make workout clothes available to women of all shapes and sizes. (Photo: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock)

Nothing ruins a good workout like exercise clothes that are the wrong size. But it's hard to find the right size when the clothes in the store or in the catalog are being modeled by women with unrealistic body shapes. And it doesn't help when every company seems to have their own ideas about the measurements of a size 8 (or 4 or 14.)

One company is taking a new approach to sizing for their athletic apparel with the goal of helping women of all shapes and sizes find workout gear that fits and looks great. To achieve this goal, they replaced size numbers with flower names to help end the notion of size shaming.

So you're not a size 6, you're a lily. Need capris in a size 22? Order a daisy.

From the Manifesta website:

"We don’t want there to be an inherent order to the sizes, with women striving to fit into the smallest number possible. And we don’t want women to feel bad for ordering a size that society has deemed “unacceptable.” We just want you to get what fits. So to find your size, use your measurements, not society’s idea of what you should be."

Ah. How refreshing.

Manifesta launched in 2011 under the direction of CEO and founder Rachel Blumenfeld who was tired of seeing workout clothes that were geared only for very slim women. She knew that women of all shapes and sizes were exercising out, so where were the clothes that made these ladies feel and look amazing?

“Bottoms that fit your legs don’t fit your waist, and shirts ride up or create weird armpit bulges. It’s amazing how many women have the same complaints, but how few companies respond to them,” Blumenfeld told Buzzfeed.

Another issue that Blumenfeld knew women struggled with was squeezing themselves into a certain tank top or pair of capris because they were too ashamed to buy a larger number size than they were used to. "To truly become a body-positive company," Blumenfeld said, "I wanted to try sizing that didn't have an inherent hierarchy."

Blumenfeld, an avid horseback rider and Crossfit coach wants all women to feel good about how they look while working out. So she makes cute clothes in fun and shame-free sizes that fit the curves of a women's body.

Works for me.