In India, Big Monkeys Are Employed as Bodyguards Against Hordes of Smaller Monkeys

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Every night, hordes of rhesus monkeys invade government buildings in New Dheli. They tear up offices and attack office workers. In 2007, a deputy mayor fell off a terrace to his death while being attacked by a group of the animals. Now government workers are fighting back, and they've brought in muscle to do their dirty work. Badal Kalandar is a langur wallah, reports the Christian Science Monitor. Every morning, he and Pawan, his trained langur monkey, make the rounds through the offices of the Minister of Power. Pawan climbs trees and up walls, scaring away the smaller rhesus monkeys. The same scene takes place daily in various government buildings throughout the city.


Because monkeys are associated with the Hindu god Hanuman, killing the animals is extremely taboo. So the use of the langur wallahs is an original and humane approach to pest control, although not the most long-term of solutions- the rhesus monkeys return to the buildings every night, once the danger has passed.