Impossible Foods Is Working on Plant-Based 'Fish'

Public Domain. Wikimedia

The makers of the "bleeding veggie burger" want to save our oceans too.

As someone who has slashed my dangerously high cholesterol with plant-based eating, I've been very grateful for the new breed of plant-based 'meats' -- and the fact that some vegan cheeses don't suck was just (soy) icing on the cake.

So news from One Green Planet that Impossible Foods—the makers of a 'bloody' veggie burger cropping up in restaurants across the country (see Katherine's review here)—are now working on a 'fish' alternative made from plants was welcome news indeed. In fact, the company CEO Pat Brown says they are working on finding replacements for all animal-based food products by 2035.

Yes, some will ask what the point is. If you don't want to eat meat, why pretend? But there's nothing pretend about it. I'm switching to a more plant-centric diet for health and environmental reasons, not because I don't like burgers anymore. So the availability of satisfying, savory foods—made from real ingredients—that provide a similar eating experience has made the switch a whole lot easier.

No word yet on when this plant-based 'fish' is likely to hit the market, or what types of fish it intends to replicate, but considering the dire impact that overfishing is having on our oceans, the arrival can't come soon enough.

Given that Impossible Foods recently raised $75 million from investors, they shouldn't be short of resources to make this happen.