Impossible Burger 2.0: Much Closer to the Real Thing?

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CC BY 2.0. Sarah Stierch

The press certainly seems to dig it. But can you find it near you?

When I wrote about the prospect of plant-based meats being cheaper than the real thing, at least one commenter suggested it wouldn't make all that much difference:

"Throughout history new foods have supplemented, not replaced, existing food items."

But what this commenter was missing, I believe, was the fact that the new breed of plant-based meats are aiming to be like-for-like replacements in terms of taste, texture and overall experience—only (eventually) cheaper, greener and supposedly better for you too.

Admittedly, early reviews of the flagship Impossible Burger—including my own experiences—suggested that it was either a good replacement for a bad burger (e.g. best suited to replacing fast food), or it was about an 80% replica for a more fussed over, grass-fed, handcrafted affair.

The new recipe for Impossible Burger 2.0 is about to roll out, however, and the press is giving it rave reviews. Boasting a beefier flavor, a more versatile form factor that allows for grilling and use in ground beef recipes, and lower sodium and saturated fat content too, it really does seem like Impossible Foods has taken another step toward a real, workable analog for the most environmentally destructive of all the meats—just in time for it to hit store shelves, apparently.

For those interested in seeing what goes into this creation, take a look at CNET's visit to their R&D; labs below. And if you're looking to try the new recipe, Impossible Foods now has an online finder dedicated specifically to tracking down the 2.0 version—which is not yet available everywhere.