Important Message: We're All in This Together

broken city message to detroit image
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Broken City Lab

Since 9/11 the American border with Canada has been thickened and secured dramatically, but one can't put a wall around the fact but so many of our economic and environmental problems are cross-border. Windsor, Ontario is south of Detroit (yes, south) and is almost as dependent on the auto industry as Detroit is. Matthew at PSFK writes about how an "interdisciplinary creative research group" called Broken City wants Detroit to know how they feel, and are sending a message once a week, via a giant projected image.


The view from Detroit

Using a 6000 lumens projector, Broken City Lab will transmit a message to Detroit once a week for 45 minutes from September to November 2009.

It's too bad that the projector isn't strong enough to reach all the way to Washington.