Imagine All the possibiliTrees

A couple weeks back in an Ask Mother Nature column, I waxed about which type of Christmas tree, real and dead or faux and plastic, was the most environmentally agreeable (the former wins). I’ve also written about living Christmas tree rental companies. So what if next Christmas you don’t want to go with real, faux, or rentals? Here’s an option...

Snag yourself a wooden possibiliTree, a “tree for life,” that’s handmade with love in the USA (Minnesota to be exact) and has decorative appeal 365 days a year ... just dress one up with ornaments when the holidays roll around. These modern, sculptural beauties are made from real wood (choose from different varieties like cherry, birch, or maple). Reclaimed wood from naturally fallen timber is used whenever possible.

possibiliTrees are a cinch to store in the event that you don’t want to leave one out year-round but I’m guessing once you set one up you’ll never want to take it down. They come in three sizes: a truly gorgeous 6-foot suspended tree ($290) and apartment-friendly 2-foot ($160) and 3-foot ($195) tabletop trees. All are available directly through the possibiliTree website to keep prices low.

A possibiliTree is the kind of product where pictures truly do all the talking so I’ll shut up and let you take a gander. Enjoy.

For more eco-friendly holiday decor ideas, check out my post, Decking the halls MNN style. Photos: possibiliTree