IKEA Introduces Foldable Furniture for the Modern Mobile Lifestyle

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©. IKEA Ravaror all set up

This is, whether we like it or not, the future of furniture design.

When my daughter was in university I was appalled by the mountains of IKEA furniture put out on the street at the end of term by people who didn't even think it worthwhile to take home. I envisioned a line of furniture designed to fold up into those roadie cases that bands travel with, so that it would be easy to take with you wherever you go. We have been excited by this kind of stuff on TreeHugger for years:

Collin would write about entire apartments in a box, like the Casulo, saying, "So what's the green angle here? By clearing themselves out of the way, each object not only makes living in smaller spaces possible, but even alluring and fun. Plus, in many cases, these pieces have dual functions in both their compact and unboxed forms, and, for TreeHuggers, two functions is better than one."

Ravaror furniture fulded


Now IKEA is actually doing it, meeting this need for portability and transportability with its new RÅVAROR series.

The urban population is growing, living spaces are shrinking and for many of us the concept of home is no longer a geographical constant. RÅVAROR is a new collection designed for these realities and consists of items that quickly turn small spaces into smart spaces with the convenience and comfort of home. And when it is time to move, it’s simple to pack up, stack the items together and relocate to your next home.

This is really clever, designed for the way more and more people are living either out of choice or necessity. "Living spaces are shrinking and for many people the concept of home is no longer a geographical constant; it’s a space that’s here today, and maybe somewhere else tomorrow." The line will include daybeds, storage, tables and even a mini kitchen. Creative Director Viveca Olsson explains:

Our starting point and creative idea was the reality of urban life. We asked ourselves what is needed to turn a small space, such as 12 square metres [~130 SF], into a home? And what is needed to create that homely feeling even though you might be moving on to a new place soon?

This is indeed the reality of urban life, as cities get more crowded and expensive, and what used to be known as careers turn into gigs, and more and more people live alone. The BILLY bookcase used to be the place for all our stuff; now we don't have room for stuff, or a bookcase, just a mobile cart, ready for our next move.

It's funny how a decade ago we got all excited about transformer furniture that folded into boxes or campaign furniture that folded up for easy transport; now that IKEA has made it real, it feels a bit depressing.