Ikea to Introduce Cute Countertop Hydroponic Garden Kit

Woman standing behind a counter
Screen capture.


The indoor gardening system with a Swedish accent will help you grow your own lettuce and herbs year round.

Derek did a great round-up of plug-and-play home hydroponics systems a while back, but now IKEA is stepping into the fray with the KRYDDA/VÄXER series. (They just randomly string letters together for these names, right?) (Actually, a rudimentary search tells me that krydda translates to spice and vaxer to sprout. So, I'm going with SPICE/SPROUT here. But I digress.)

Anyway, the Swedish purveyor of all things Swedish-simple is introducing the "indoor gardening series" in April, according to their website. Developed in collaboration with agricultural scientists in Sweden, the kit includes everything you need to start growing green goodies in the convenience of your own home – and for those of us with a distinct lack of green thumbery, the only responsibility it to ensure that there is enough water.

“The challenge was to make growing plants in a hydroponic system simple, so that anyone could succeed ...” notes Helena Karlén from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Fair enough.

So I admit to being somewhat charmed by these systems – fresh herbs, all the time! – but I always default to skepticism when I think about all that plastic going to a single-use appliance. If the item becomes a novelty in one's household, to the trash it goes. And I wonder, how hard would it be to hack a similar system that could be disassembled and the components reused if the hydroponic farming efforts fail? (There are many guides for doing so, I'm just not so sure of their simplicity or reuability.) But that's just me ... if you think you've got a future in countertop SPICE/SPROUTS, watch the video below for more:

Via Design Taxi