12 Ideas for Using Leftover Burger Buns

Save leftover hamburger buns, and you can use them to bake monkey bread or make a grilled cheese sandwich. (Photo: lcswart/Shutterstock)

Yesterday, Jonathan over on Wasted Food had a post about turning his leftover burger buns into French Toast. He now has “a perfect morning-after solution for cookout remains.”

Great idea. It’s grilling season, and many of us are going to be buying those inexpensive packs of eight burger buns when we have crowds. (I prefer a fresh Kaiser roll for my burgers, but I’ve been known to do the 8 pack for parties.) There are always some leftover. You can freeze them, but they get all smushed and the quality suffers in the freezer.

Besides French Toast, what else can we do with those leftover burger buns? I put the question out on Twitter, and my tweeps came up with some great ideas. None of these ideas are going to make it onto the pages of Gourmet, but most of them would make great lunch or snack ideas – especially for kids.

  1. Allow them to get a bit stale and use your food processor or blender to turn them into breadcrumbs.
  2. Cut into cubes, toss/spray with EVOO , toast and use as mini-croutons.
  3. Make them into garlic burger buns to go with an Italian meal. (This was the number one idea that was suggested on Twitter).
  4. Use them for monkey bread (oh yum).
  5. Use them for grilled cheese or a Panini.
  6. Halve and flatten them. Press in greased muffin tin. Fill with eggs and ham and cheese and whatever else you’d like for an easy breakfast for the week.
  7. Melt cheese on them to make cheese toast.
  8. Turn them into mini pizzas.
  9. Make bread pudding.
  10. Make a tuna melt.
  11. Spread with butter, cinnamon and sugar and toast under the broiler for cinnamon toast.
  12. Your idea – leave your idea for using up leftover burger buns in the comment section