8 Ideas for Leftover Scrambled Eggs

photo: Joe Goldbert/Flickr.

Yesterday, I took the time to make a big breakfast for my family since we all a day off. I ended up with leftover scrambled eggs, and I decided to ask my Facebook friends for some clever ways to use leftover scrambled eggs. As they always do when I ask them for food ideas, they came up with some great suggestions.

  • Egg salad. The recipe is chopped scrambled eggs, Mayo, some dry mustard powder, green onion, salt and pepper and a little celery seed. It was actually pretty tasty. (from Dawn)
  • Add it to fried rice (from MNN’s parenting blogger Jenn)
  • Put them on an English muffin and top with crabmeat and hollandaise sauce (from Tara)
  • Mix them with sautéed onions and peppers and put on a crusty roll (also from Tara)
  • Breakfast burrito - Stir in some salsa and shredded cheese and reheat. Roll it up in a tortilla. I wrap it in aluminum foil for a to-go meal in the car. (from Marianne)
  • Make breakfast sandwiches on English muffins with cheese, bacon bits/ham/sausage, and veggies, then you can wrap and freeze for quick breakfasts (Lisa from Snappy Gourmet)
  • Make scrambled egg tacos or burritos. Use the eggs in place of meat, and top with your favorite toppings. (Jennifer from Down Home South Jersey).
  • Breakfast pizzas or calzones--nice with cheddar and cooked onion, ham, whatever you have. (Angela from Seasonal and Savory)

Do you have any other suggestions for leftover scrambled eggs?