5 Ideas for Leftover Baked Potatoes

Photo by alanagkelly.

Because I don’t have a microwave, reheating leftover baked potatoes isn’t very easy. Yes, I could do them in the oven, but if I’m not careful, I’ll dry out the potatoes as they recook.

I have a few leftover baked potatoes from last night, so I went searching for ideas for them this morning. I thought I’d share my findings.

  1. Twice baked potatoes – The insides of the potatoes are scooped out, mashed with cheese and other savory ingredients, then scooped back in to be baked again.
  2. Diner Home Fries – Leftover baked potatoes are sliced and fried with onion and green pepper for an East coast diner specialty.
  3. Leftover Potato Quick Bread – This calls for two small fist sized leftover potatoes, but I’m sure one large potato would work, too. It makes a crusty bread that needs no time to rise before baking.
  4. Baked Potato Salad – You’ll already have the potatoes baked for this salad. It’s usually made with warm baked potatoes and then brought to room temperature. You could just as easily make it with cold baked potatoes and allow to come to room temperature.
  5. Baked Potato Soup – A creamy, cheesy soup comes together so quickly when the potatoes are already baked.