What to Do on Easter if You Don't Celebrate

Not big on Easter? A stroll through a nice garden to soak in springtime may be just the ticket. (Photo: Tony Crescibene/Flickr)

Easter is one of those holidays that many people don't celebrate. Whether you are a non-churchgoing Christian or Catholic who just isn't that interested in what many see as a kids' holiday, a member of another religion, or an atheist or agnostic person (I fall into this last category), plenty of people — especially in the U.K. and Australia — get a day off work for the holiday, but services and businesses are closed (or open in only a limited fashion).

But it's spring! And so there's plenty to enjoy while you have the time off. Here are just a few ideas of things I like to do when it's Easter time and the gym/local stores/town offices are closed. I like to make Easter into a mini-staycation, and take the opportunity to see something around town that I haven't before.

Go for a hike. This is the perfect time of year to get outside. Especially if you've never been hiking in your local area before, this can be a great way to explore the natural world around you, get some exercise, and look for all the exciting signs of spring. If you are feeling a little intimidated about where to go and how to get there, start with a Google search, including the name of your town or county, and the words "day hikes." No need to get complicated about it — just be sure to wear some comfortable shoes, and bring a water bottle with you.

Cook something complicated. This is fun only if you enjoy cooking! But if you do, at least some grocery stores are open on Easter, and so you can peruse your cookbooks and find something fun to make. It's not often that you have a whole day to prepare a special dish, and this can be great practice for something you've been wanting to make for a larger group but never had the time to experiment with.

A woman prepares to cook a lot of vegetables
Take some time off this Easter to prepare a special dish. (Photo: Micolas/Shutterstock)

Have a movie festival. Pick your favorite actress, actor, director or genre, and pick up three or more movies. Don your most comfortable sweatpants, make a big bowl of popcorn, and indulge in some screen classics. If you know other people who aren't celebrating Easter, invite them over and make it into a movie party.

Get started on your gardening. Whether you normally garden or not, the beginning of April is a perfect time to get plants, veggies or herbs in the ground (or pots or window boxes). You might need to pick up the plants or seeds on the Saturday before Easter Sunday, but you can do the work at your place when everything else is closed. Taking your time and enjoying the baby plants is a great way to get in touch with the earth, and is a great stress-reducer as well.