Hybrid Taxis Finally Arrive in New York City

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We've written about hybrid taxis many times (Grist Chats With Hybrid Taxi Driver, Popular Support for Hybrid Cabs in NYC & Hybrid Taxi Bill Passed by NY City Council), but now the speculation over whether they will be used in NYC is over and the first hybrid cabs have hit the streets. "New York City’s first hybrid taxis—a mini-fleet of six Ford Escape hybrids—officially entered operation today with a ceremony in midtown Manhattan where officials from government, advocacy groups and industry gathered for the send off. [...] According to the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, each New York taxi averages nearly 100,000 miles of driving annually. Thus, the fuel savings for drivers and operators could reach the thousands of dollars every year, and enable hybrid taxi owners to recover the premium cost of the technology within the first year on the road."The hybrids approved for taxi service by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission are:

* Ford Escape / Mercury Mariner Hybrid
* Toyota Highlander
* Toyota Prius
* Honda Accord
* Honda Civic
* Lexus Rx 400h

A potential addition to the list is the Toyota Camry hybrid which should come out in about a year, along with the Nissan Altima hybrid.

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