Hurricane Irma Gives Rise to 'Best Weatherman Ever'

Alabama meteorologist Alan Sealls has become an internet sensation after his educational reporting on Hurricane Irma. . (Photo: WKRG)

The internet has a new favorite meteorologist and his name is Alan Sealls.

The 30-year TV news veteran and chief meteorologist for WKRG, a CBS affiliate in Mobile, Alabama, rose to the top of the Reddit headlines after a user shared a video of his informative and concise forecasting for Hurricane Irma. In a media landscape beset with hyperbole and prognosticating, Sealls' 4-minute-long forecast stood out as a beacon of meteorological sanity.

"I really wasn't planning on watching all of that," wrote one commenter. "I regret nothing."

The clip that made Sealls famous, with more than 4.5 million views, is presented below. Like many, many others, you'll likely find yourself engaged all the way to the end.

"It’s nearly impossible to make it to Reddit’s front page, unless you have something extraordinary," News 5’s digital content specialist J.B. Biunno said in a post on WKRG. "To make it to that top spot, for a meteorologist, it’s really unheard of."

While Sealls' fame on the internet is recent, he's widely known and respected throughout his industry.

"He's received the Alabama Broadcaster’s Association’s 'Best in Broadcasting' award, 8 regional Emmy's, and an award from the American Meteorological Society for a series he did on climate change," shared one Redditor. In addition, Sealls, a graduate of Cornell University and Florida State University, also teaches weather broadcasting at the University of South Alabama each spring and was recently voted President-elect of the National Weather Association.

How has Sealls reacted to his new celebrity? While he's expressed notes of thanks on his Facebook page to fans, it's clear that his focus right now is on Hurricane Irma and its impact over the next several days. Come next week, when the storm has passed, he's planning on reaching out to the Reddit community with what's likely to be a wildly successful AMA (Ask Me Anything) planned for Tuesday.

In the meantime, his colleagues at WKRG shared their own appreciation with a very special trophy.

If you would like to stay informed on Hurricane Irma with Sealls as your guide, you can subscribe to WKRG's YouTube page here.