Hundreds of Divers Gather for Underwater Music Festival (Video)

Video screen capture. FloridaKeysTV

The unusual concert was held in the depths of the Florida Reef to promote coral reef protection.

Coral reefs are home to dozens of unique sea creatures, but this weekend they also housed one of the most unusual concerts on earth. About 400 divers and snorkelers gathered together on Saturday for the 33rd annual Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival, held at Looe Key Reef in the Florida Keys. Organizers provided divers with a “submerged soundtrack” of nautical tunes by broadcasting music underwater through speakers suspended beneath boats. Divers explored the reef while listening to ocean-themed songs such as The Beatles’ “Octopus’s Garden” and music from films including Jaws and The Little Mermaid. Some divers even wore aquatic costumes and pretended to play underwater instruments while enjoying the beauty of the Florida Reef.

The Florida Reef is the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States and the third largest coral barrier reef system in the world. Unfortunately, like most reefs around the world, the Florida Reef has suffered from stress and deterioration during the past few decades. The organizers of the Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival hope that their event will expose the public to the wonders of the marine world and encourage reef protection.

"The Underwater Music Festival is a way to celebrate the coral reef, and we celebrate it by looking for a balance between protection of the reef and public enjoyment. The more people realize what's down there and enjoy it, the more they're likely to protect it,” explained Bill Becker, co-founder of the music festival.

Watch footage from the Underwater Music Festival below.