3 Awesome Examples of Humans Forming a Chain to Save a Dog

human chain dog rescue CROP. euronews/YouTube

Deep down, you know people are good — but sometimes it helps to be reminded.

Like when these people waded into rushing water to save a stranded dog. The heroes knew they couldn't do it by themselves, so they linked hands or arms and pulled the petrified pups to safety. Their acts of kindness will restore your faith in humankind.

When a dog was stranded in a canal in Peru, police officers in the northern municipality of Trujillo linked hands to pull the pup to safety. Once rescued, the wet dog shook himself off and trotted away.

Watch it in the video above.

In this second video shot by a cheerleading bystander, a pup got too close to a Sayran reservoir in the city of Almaty in south-eastern Kazakhstan and fell in, according to the Daily Mail. One man waded into the rushing water to try to pull the dog to safety, but found he couldn't climb the steep, slick sides of the concrete reservoir.

So four men at the top link hands to try to reach the man, as the dog waited patiently with him in the water. Eventually, the human chain reached the pair and they drug the pup up the wall to safety. You can hear the woman shooting the video cheering wildly.


Neighbors alerted police when a dog fell into the water of a sewage canal in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. When police arrived and saw how the pup was struggling, they formed a human chain to save him.

"'We realised that we needed to act soon so we simply formed a human chain by holding hands, and managed to get down to the dog and pull it out of the water," Jose Luis Copete, one of the officers, told the Daily Mail.

"The place where the dog had fallen was very deep and had a lot of waste water, I'm just really grateful that we managed to save him."