Hugh Jackman May Go Vegan After Crazy 'Wolverine' Diet

The Wolverine.

When we last heard Hugh Jackman talking about the mental and physically-challenging body transformation he undergoes to become the superhero Wolverine, the 44-year-old was consuming over 5,000 calories daily. In a new interview with Men's Health magazine, he admits that number is actually a bit higher.

"I eat one steak a day minimum," he revealed, adding that his daily caloric intake is now above 6,000. "Now I don’t know any doctors recommending a 12oz steak every day. I’m pretty sure that’s not good. And my carbon footprint is disgusting."

In a separate discussion with the Daily Mail, Jackman added that he also downs a dozen eggs every day, saying that he's worried he might have a heart attack. "The only way that seems to work is eating chicken. I know there are vegan bodybuilders but chicken is what works for me. Lots and lots of chicken."