Huge Bus Is Really Capsule Hotel on Wheels

rotel rolling hotel
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TreeHugger has posted many times on capsule hotels, that are so efficient at packing people into small spaces. The German travel company Rotel Tours goes one step further, and puts a capsule hotel on wheels. Tourists sit in the front by day, and move to the rear at night.

rotel rolling hotel interior photo

Gismag describes the experience:

Typically, the coaches are custom-modified Mercedes 0404's which feature 24 passenger seats and 26 sleeping berths (an extra one for the driver and tour guide).
While the Rotel rooms are only 3ft high, they are wide enough to deliver passengers a comfortable night's sleep as long as you don't measure much more than the bed's length of 6ft. Though the lack of showers and bathing facilities may test you if you were expecting five-star luxury, the Rotel does include an extensive drop-down "camp kitchen" and a single toilet. The coaches also stop whenever possible at campgrounds with bathing facilities to ensure the passengers don't become too funky.
rotel rolling hotel hills

It would be interesting to calculate the carbon footprint of this kind of travel. Buses are fairly efficient on a per-person basis, but they are pulling around all those empty bedrooms all day. via Gizmag, via AutoMotto via Jalopnik.