How to Use a Raised Garden Bed as a Compost Bin

Composting in raised beds photo
Video screen capture. GV Loan Guy

GV Loan Guy/Video screen capture

I'm a self-confessed lazivore, so anything that cuts down on work in the veggie garden is alright by me. From growing fewer plants and doing less stuff to ingenious chicken tunnel systems, we've already seen plenty of labor saving garden ideas.

But this next one is about as simple as it gets. Instead of building a compost heap and then carting the finished product over to your garden beds, why not compost in your garden beds themselves? It keeps the weeds down, it mulches the soil, and it should mean that any nutrient leaching is still retained in the growing environment.

Of course this only works in winter, or on beds you are not planning to use for a season. And whether your climate is warm enough for hot composting in the winter will be a major factor in whether it is viable.

But it's a cool little video either way.