How Tofu Is Made (Video)

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I'll admit it, I'm on a bit of a CHOW kick of late. From their video introduction to beekeeping to footage of the coolest seed bank ever, these guys manage to capture people's passion with a sense of both respect and charm. This latest video is no exception, as we explore how tofu is made, why so much tofu in the West sucks, and how to really enjoy this "noble protein". Pablo has pondered before on the carbon footprint of tofu and Kelly's weekday vegetarian efforts have featured many delicious tofu recipes. But I'll admit that, for this TreeHugger at least, tofu remains a bit of a mystery. What is it? How is it made? And how can I cook it so it doesn't taste bland?

According to Minh Tsai and Dean Ku, co-founders of Hodo Soy Beanery in Oakland, many people in the West are both confused and turned off by inferior product that is designed for shipping and storage, not flavor. To truly understand the pleasure of tofu, they say, it should be eaten fresh. And that's just the beginning...