How to Recycle an Old Swimsuit

Old swimsuits don't need to swim in a landfill. (Photo: Elzbieta Sekowska/Shutterstock)

My kids are fish in the summer. I'm not kidding. They grow gills and scales and spend more time underwater than they do above. So it's no wonder that their swimsuits rarely last more than one season (that and the fact they are still growing like weeds.) I'm all for handing down old clothes. But I was never quite sure what to do their faded, torn and otherwise worn-out swimsuits. Here are a few tricks I've tried over the years:

Sew it up: Trim the bottom off of a girl's or woman's swimsuit, sew up the leg holes and voilá ... a waterproof outdoor gear bag.

Cut it up: Swimsuit material can be used in strips or swatches to add funky patches to old clothes or stuffing for a quilt. You can also use the strips as large elastic bands to hold together a rolled up rug or fasten a box of toys.

Hand it down: Even if a swimsuit is too worn out to wear, you can still pass it down to your local quilting club or sewing circle where it is sure to come in handy as filler or patches for their latest project.