How to Prevent Bike Theft

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For the benefit of all who rely on their bicycle as a primary means of transportation, here is a hot tip from the Radzeit (Biketime), magazine of the ADFC Berlin (German Bicyclists Club, Berlin Branch). On the humorous "Last Page", Andreas Rüttenauer reports on the amusing turn-around for a staff member and a congressman in Berlin's political HQ, the Bundestag. Long laughed at for the out-dated stickers pasted all over their bicycles--including the classic "Nuclear energy? No, thank you"--they can now laugh back as colleagues come begging to know where to find some old stickers for their bikes. Why the sudden change of opinion? A recent letter from the congressional administration gives a tip for bicyclists: bicycles with stickers or do-it-yourself paint jobs are stolen less often. Older stickers are reported to have a better impact, giving the impression that the bicycle is an antique like the political slogans it advertises. If you read German, the original article will make you chuckle. Check it out in Radzeit 2007/1 PDF.