How to Make Your Own Rocket Stove With a Few Cinder Blocks

Cinderblock glowing red from nearby light source

Joselito Tagaro / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

A rocket stove is a super-efficient cooking and heating stove that can be built with a wide variety of materials from bricks to pipes to clay to packed dirt. The design is simple and relies on an L-shape tunnel that creates a hot burn and channels heat onto whatever it is that you want to cook.

They are kind of a big deal in the developing world thanks to their ability to use any sized fuel and their clean burning flame. Rocket stoves work just as well with dried grass and dried dung as they do sticks of hardwood. The rushing air fans the flames to a temperature that nicely combusts nearly all its fuel, reducing the amount of harmful smoke and particulate matter given off in the exhaust.

The rocket stove design was conceived by Dr. Larry Winiarski in the 1980s and has been modified and adapted to local materials and building customs all over the world ever since.

I stumbled across this video showing an easy way to create a rocket stove using just four cinder blocks, and I knew I needed to share it. Here’s a quick and easy way to create you own blazingly hot rocket stove with four cinder blocks and a minute of time.