How to Grow King Stropharia Mushrooms in Your Garden (Video)

king stropharia mushroom harvest photo
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From learning how to grow shiitake mushrooms on logs to cultivating oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds, we've shown some pretty cool ways to grow edible fungi at home. But you don't need to have hardwood logs or buckets of coffee grounds sitting around if you want to grow mushrooms. In fact, you can build edible mushroom beds right in your garden. They love shade, too. The video below from Perennial Solutions—the same folks who brought us great videos on Native American land management and designing perennial polycultures—is a great example of how King Stropharia mushrooms species can be used to generate compost from wood chips and other organic matter, and to produce an edible harvest in the process. It is also, of course, a fantastic use of shaded space that would otherwise not be suitable for producing food.

But how do you go about growing King Stropharia? King Stropharia spawn are available from suppliers like Fungi Perfecti, and can be grown either in blocks of sawdust as shown in the video below, or spread across beds of straw or hardwood. The substrate can even be interspersed with plants as a mulch in the garden—releasing valuable nutrients directly into the soil as it produces its crop of shrooms.

The fungi-fanatics at Mushroom Mountain explain a little bit more about how they harvest their block-grown mushrooms, and how these blocks (and cut stems) are then redistributed in wood chip beds to keep the crops coming.

Anyone tried this at home?