How to Build an Earthship: Step-By-Step Slideshow (Video)

Earthship house featuring a wall build from dirt, tires, and bottles

DavorLovincic / Getty Images

Appalachian Gothic architecture made from recycled pallet wood is by no means the only DIY housing option using reclaimed materials. In fact, TreeHugger has featured countless posts on "earthships"—self-sufficient passive solar homes built from old tires, cans, mud and concrete. From Justin's introduction to the earthship concept, via Kristin's post on the first earthship in Nicaragua, to Lloyd's coverage of earthships landing in Britain, these low-impact dwellings have spread far and wide from their birth-place in New Mexico. But how do you actually build one?

Via the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia, I've just come across this great slideshow showing a step-by-step progression through the building of an earthship in Normandy, France. (It looks like it might be the same building that I wrote about when I posted on the Earthship Normandy project.)

Taking us right from the tire dump and breaking ground, through laying the first course of tires and installing gray water recycling, rainwater catchment and black water treatment, all the way through to applying insulation, solar panels and mud finishes on the interior walls, this video will undoubtedly be a useful resource for anyone wanting to build their own earthship. The lack of commentary means that it is occasionally hard to get the context of what is being done and why, but with the amount that has been written about earthships, it's kind of nice to get a bare-bones walk through of the process without too much noise to distract you. It's definitely an incredible reminder that one person's trash is another person's treasure.