How to Build a DIY Solar Shower (Video)

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From flash cooking eggs with a Fresnel lens, to building your own solar space heater with discarded campaign signs, Dan and Denise Rojas of Green Power Science are clearly at the more Macgyver end of renewable energy. And this latest offering is no exception - building a DIY solar shower for their carport using black hose-pipe. Now the opening shot of Denise taking a shower in her bikini might class as Green Power Science's more shameless marketing attempts, but anyone who has ever left a dark hose our in the blazing sun knows that the principles behind these episodes are practical and actionable.

Using their carport roof, Dan and Denise show us how to install an outdoor shower that is heated by running the water through a dark, coiled hose. They run into a little trouble on the way, but the end product looks awesome. Heating water to well over 140 degrees, Dan and Denise reckon the system can be adapted to heat swimming pools too.

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