How to Build a Compost Spinner

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Vloggers The Urban Homesteaders, from Rochester, NY, have put together this handy how-to guide for building your own compost spinner, to help you accelerate the composting process. They built it entirely from recycled and salvaged materials, making it a pretty green process, and costing them exactly $0 and an afternoon of labor. Watch the video, about 10 minutes, for specific, step-by-step instructions; the basic instructions go like this:

1. Get a compost bin -- plastic drum, old garbage can, etc., as long as it has a secure lid.
2. Drill vertical holes in the bin, to provide proper aeration.
3. Put a pole (they recommend aluminum) through the center of the barrel, as an axis for the barrel to spin on.
4. Build a base upon which to suspend the barrel.
5. Install the barrel, and spin, spin, spin. ::YouTube via ::Hugg
Difficulty level: Moderate