How to Blend Your Smoothie in a Mason Jar

Blending directly in the container you drink from means you'll have one fewer dish to wash. (Photo: Cody Wellons).

My husband and I make smoothies every morning, and we used to pour our healthy concoction into glasses and then wash the pitcher so it would be clean for the next day's breakfast.

But I recently came across an ingenious trick that simplifies smoothie making and results in less mess: blending the smoothie in a Mason jar.

Standard Mason jars can be screwed into the blender base and used in place of the pitcher on most blenders. Really!

First, fill your Mason jar with smoothie ingredients.

smoothie ingredients in jars

Then simply unscrew the base from the blender pitcher and screw the blade, gasket and bottom cap onto the jar.

blending in Mason jar

Turn the jar upside down, screw the cap into the blender base as normal, and blend away.

Mason jar on blender

You can drink your smoothie right from the jar, and as a bonus, you've got one less item to wash. That's all there is to it.

smoothie in Mason jar with straw

A few tips:

  • Don't add yogurt to the jar first. Even when I flipped the jar upside down and had gravity on my side, the fruit and spinach stuck to the yogurt, preventing it from reaching the blades.
  • If you want a full jar of smoothie, you'll need to add more fruit, ice or other ingredients and blend a second time.
  • Condensation on the glass can make removing the jar and unscrewing the cap difficult, so I kept a dishcloth on hand to ease the process.