How 14 Flowers Got Their Names

©. Yulia Grigoryeva

From saucy to the divine, the origins of some flower names add even more to the loveliness of their blooms.

While the imperative to "stop and smell the roses" has been scrawled across more inspirational images and stitched onto more decorative pillows than seems reasonable, it is still great advice. And in fact, may be more important now than ever. We are at a strange place with nature, and it could use all the appreciation we can muster up. The quote may have been intended as a reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment, but I like to think of it as a reminder to revel in the beauty of the natural world, roses and all.

With that in mind, appreciation for flowers can easily extend beyond their sublime fragrance. Obviously they are a beauty to behold, but every flower has a history, about which knowing can add to their charm. Some have played roles in mythology while others have been used as medicine – and often times their names reflect their storylines.

For anyone who loves flowers and etymology, or for anyone who just wants to get to know their favorite flowers better, the following infographic from The Greenhouse People is a fun place to start.

flower names infographic

© The Greenhouse People