How Solar Light Saves Lives

Brave solar lighting photo
Video screen capture. Solar Aid

Solar Aid/Video screen capture

We've already seen how solar is a life saver in poor communities, replacing unhealthy, costly and dangerous kerosene lamps and improving school performance.

But this is more than just statistics. The life-and-death nature of lighting choices is a very real, very serious reality for so many people around the Globe.

Take Brave Mhonie, for instance, who has experienced first hand the everyday hardships of living without reliable light, and seen impacts ranging from the inconvenient to the tragic. He's had to run 10km just to buy kerosene. He's had to curtail conversations with family early because there was no light to talk by. He's been hospitalized from the impact of kerosene fumes. And he's seen members of his community die for lack of light.

He's now the Malawian Field Coordinator for SolarAid's social enterprise, SunnyMoney.. And he has vowed to make a difference.

All this week, Solar Aid will be releasing a series of videos featuring Brave and the story of solar in Africa. And he'll be available for questions and discussion via twitter. Just drop him a tweet at @BraveMhonie if you'd like to know what it's like to live without safe lighting at night, or if you have questions about the potential for solar to change things for the better. (You can keep up with the conversation via the hashtag #WeekWithBrave.)