How to Properly Eat an Apple, Core and All (Video)

red apples photo
CC BY 2.0. Muffet

Muffet/CC BY 2.0

It's no secret that schoolteachers love nothing more than to find a plump, shiny apple gifted upon their desk by a student, but even they could learn a thing or two about the best way to eat it.

As you well know, apples really are like nature's perfectly packaged food, offering an easy bite on the go. But much like their plastic-wrapped snack-food counterparts, they often wind up leaving behind a bit of waste too. That, dear reader, is because you've been eating them wrong this whole time.

The good folks over at FoodBeast have found a better way to keep the doctor at bay -- by eating apples from the bottom up, core and all.

It sounds crazy, I know; your mother and Steve Jobs were wrong. However, that inedible-seeming apple core, when chomped down along with the juicy meat, is hardly noticeable. Even the seeds, if you choose not to spit them out, do little to detract from a pleasant apple-eating experience -- just don't eat too many.

Best of all, what you're left with in the end is just a satiated appetite (and maybe a stem).

FoodBeast estimates that eating apples the typical roundabout way results in 15 to 30 percent of each apple being wasted, which means you may have been tossing around $40 a year into the compost bin to maintain your daily apple habit. And for some folks, that would cover the cost of a copay -- you know, for that day you forgot to pack healthy.