How Portland's Tool Libraries Build Community (Video)

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Good Magazine has urged us to share more with our neighbors, and it's the basis behind the whole concept of collaborative consumption. But more and more companies and community initiative are exploring what this kind of sharing looks like in practice. In Portland, many neighborhoods have the luxury of a dedicated tool-lending library, where would-be DIYers can pick up specialist tools they need for a particular job without having to shell out for a brand new tool that they'll most likely only use once.

Yet again, Peak Moment TV brings us an inspiring example of how communities are taking sustainability and resilience in their own hands. Spurred by the notion that few people need to have tools lying around that they use a couple of times a year, and by the understanding that many people simply can't afford necessary upkeep and improvements on their home because of a lack of tools, organizers Tom Thompson, Karen Tarnow and Stephen Couche talk about their neighborhood tool libraries and how they are run.

But these places are much more than a storage space for community tools. Both Northeast Portland Tool Library and Southeast Portland Tool Library also offer extensive workshops, education programs and a sense of community where folks can go to build up their skills and knowledge too.