How to Plant a Tree Every Time Trump Mocks Climate Change

Pine sapling with tag showing donation information

Treepex / YouTube Video Screencapture

Don't throw your phone at the wall every time the president says something infuriating about the environment. Plant a tree instead!

This was the one that really got me:

After that gem, I had to take a break from Twitter for a week to get my blood pressure back to an acceptable range. In fact, I am pretty sure that if I stopped reading the news altogether, I would add 10 years to my life. But given that I'm in the news business, and that I am not much of the ostrich-with-head-in-sand type, I read. And then maybe I seethe and want to throw things or drink cocktails in the morning. Since neither of those options is going to do much for the resistance, I am psyched to have discovered a new coping tool: Treespond.

The campaign is an offshoot, so to speak, of the non-profit Treepex, a tree-planting platform that enables people to plant trees for themselves or as a gift. The platform has a mapping and tracking system that allows one to follow "their" tree's growth over the years.

Treepex co-founder, Bacho Khachidze, came up with the idea of Treespond after seeing people become frustrated with climate change deniers.

"It's normal to get angry when people with power spread false information about a problem that needs urgent attention, their words can do real damage. But we wanted to provide people with something actionable they could do that wasn't, like, screaming back."

The site offers a bevy of Trump specials – like this beauty: "Just out - the POLAR ICE CAPS are at an all-time high, the POLAR BEAR population has never been stronger. Where the hell is global warming?" – each with a set number of trees that can be planted in the quote's honor. "Each quote is evaluated with an ignorance scale (specially created for the project)," notes the site. "The more ignorant the phrase is, the more trees must be planted to eliminate the quote." (Oh, if only we really could eliminate those quotes.)

Each tree costs $9.99 to plant and is accompanied by a certificate with its ID number, location, and photo updates of the little arboreal baby. The trees are planted in partnership with the American Forestry Association. While with the parent platform, Treepex, you can choose where you want the tree planted, the Trump trees are all going directly to national forests in California, which has been, and continues to be, clobbered by wildfires.

See more in the video below, and turn your frustration into forests here: Treespond.