How Peanut Butter Can Fix a Scratched DVD

Peanut Butter DVD photo
Video screen capture. CHOW

CHOW/Video screen capture

From their reusable, minimalist DVD packaging to preventing unnecessary driving to the video store, there's much to be said for the disruptive power of Netflix from a sustainability angle. But one thing that truly sucks is scratched DVDs. (Pablo still insists that mailed DVDs are greener than streaming.)

We've all had that moment when you sit down to a long awaited movie, get 15 minutes in, and then it all starts freezing up on you. And given Netflix's flimsy, paper packaging, scratches seem to be a particular problem for the service.

But a solution may be easier than you think—at least according to CHOW Tips. It seems all you have to do is gently smear on some peanut butter, wipe it off again, and then put the disk back in the machine.

If this saves just one exasperated trip to the video store (they do still exist, right?), then the environmental benefits will be worth it. If, on the other hand, too many inebriated students destroy their DVD players with peanut butter, we may have a problem.

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And let us know if you try any of these at home.