How Old Are You in CO2?

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via. Desmogblog

How much CO2 was in the air the year you were born?

Matt Grocoff of Happy Home tweets that, when he was born, there were 323.87 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. My son is a little younger, at 348.33. I am a bit too old for this, since the table from Carbonify starts at 1958. And unfortunately, the younger you are, the higher the CO2 concentration. The data come from readings are taken at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii in April.

Moauna Loa


Or maybe if you are a little older, you prefer this list from NASA that goes back to 1850, or 285.2. Donald Trump is 310.3 and surprisingly, has not ordered this removed from NASA's website yet. Just in case it goes, here is a screenshot.


NASA /Screen capture

It's crazy. I googled Mann Hockey Stick to get an image for this post showing the rise in CO2 and instead got twenty different versions trying to prove that it is all a fake and that temperatures aren't rising at all. There is so much energy being expended to prove that this is all a fake. And after all, it is really cool this summer, so what does CO2 have to do with temperature anyway?

But ignore the graphs and just look at the raw data. Almost every year is higher than the one before and the amount it gets higher each year appears to get bigger almost every year. How can they deny that?