How Many Bathrooms Do You Need in a House? (Survey)

©. Kohler

Over on Vox, Danielle Kurtzleben crunches the latest Census data on single family home construction and finds that not only is average house size up again (after a small recession induced dip) but the number of bedrooms is climbing (four is the new three). Most interesting to me is the fact that the number of bathrooms is increasing dramatically, to the point where it is pretty much one per bedroom now.

the number of bathrooms just keeps growing


Bathrooms are the most expensive room in the house, so it used to be standard to have just one, or perhaps one and a powder room. Fancier houses might have a double sink like in the Kohler ad from the 50s above; Others might have the toilet in a separate room from the sink and shower, which adds more options. My own hundred year old house works that way, and the one bathroom was shared among a family of four without too many fights. (There is also a tiny powder room that was added on the ground floor)

Danielle points out that most of the people buying houses in the States are doing it with cash, so we are talking mostly about the 1% driving the single family house market these days, and they probably have different expectations. But the 1-1/2 bath (one bath and powder) that was standard in the sixties is no more. This just makes houses bigger and less affordable. It's a shame, because with good design you can do a lot more with less space and money.

I'm curious: how many people per bathroom are there where you live? For simplicity, divide the number of people in your home by the number of toilets.

How many people per toilet where you live?