How to Make Compost: The Only Video Tutorial You'll Need

Video screen capture. Charles Dowding

I've always considered myself a better compost-maker than I am a gardener. And from building a compost tumbler to composting indoors, I've posted a fair few videos on composting techniques and equipment over the years.

But I'm not sure I've ever posted a video that quite so clearly, and simply, sets out the basics of how to make compost in your garden. Featuring no-dig gardening expert Charles Dowding—whose book, No Dig Organic Home & Garden, I am due to review soon—the video covers a whole bunch of useful information. And dispels a few myths along the way:

—Yes, you can compost citrus fruit, he says.
—No, coffee grounds are not too acidic for your compost.
—Yes, if you're continually adding more materials, then adding some perennial weeds is not going to be a major problem.

It is worth noting that the video uses the terms "green" and "brown" without really explaining it, unless I missed it. What's being referred to here is the mix of carbon-rich to nitrogen-rich materials. As a general rule, you want something like 20 times more carbon (cardboard, woody stalks etc) than nitrogen (grass clippings, soft vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, etc.)

Other than that, this is a pretty great video. Please enjoy, my fellow compost geeks.