How to Fix Scratched Sunglasses

Hand holding up aviator sunglasses, people blurry in background

Erika Fletcher / Unsplash

Yes, it's actually possible!

How many times have you reached for a pair of sunglasses, only to find that they're scratched right in your line of sight? It's annoying, to say the least. But did you know you can do something about it? There are a number of curious DIY remedies for scratched lenses that are worth a try.

Keep in mind that these are not, er, fail-proof (although they are recommended by Sunglass Warehouse). There is always the possibility to make things worse, so only try these if your lenses are uncoated, non-mirrored, cheap, or otherwise unsalvageable.

Removing Scratches

The solutions fall into two categories – abrasives that sand down the area around the scratch to smooth it out, and fillers that fill it in. The cons: Abrasion can ruin special coatings on the lens, while fillers are a temporary solution that need reapplication every few weeks. The pros: You might save a pair of sunglasses that otherwise are useless, so why not try?

These are the products you can use:

1. Baking soda and toothpaste (blended together)
2. Brass or silver polish
3. Furniture polish
4. Vehicle wax
5. Baking soda with water
6. Sunscreen

How to Apply the Products

The application process is the same for all. Apply a small amount of product to a cotton ball and rub into the scratch in a circular motion. Massage for a minute, rinse, and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth. Repeat as needed until scratch is gone.

Note: Sunscreen works on mirrored lenses to remove the entire coating, if the scratch is only on the surface. Keep in mind that you have to apply to the entire lens and that it could alter the appearance of your sunglasses.

If you've paid a lot for your frames and are concerned about maintaining the integrity of the coating, you should look into sending them back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. A growing number of retailers offer this, and it should be something every shopper looks for when making a purchase. (I must say, I love this about Sunski, which offers lens replacement kits right on its main page.)

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