How Expensive Is Your Shower?

CC BY 2.0. sburke

The cost of showering ranges widely from dirt-cheap in China and Bulgaria to exorbitantly expensive in Papua New Guinea and India.

The average American showers daily for just over 8 minutes, using 17 gallons of clean, warm water. While it may seem like a perfectly normal routine, it’s important to realize that this is a real luxury compared to other countries, where the cost of water is much higher and the necessary indoor plumbing may not exist. Take Papua New Guinea, for example, where water costs 70 percent of the inhabitants’ daily income. In the U.S. that would be like spending a whopping $83 on a shower each day! By contrast, showers in countries like Bulgaria, China, and South Korea are significantly cheaper than in the United States.

The following infographic, via High Tide Technologies, shows how much showers cost in different countries around the world. All water costs are based on a report from the International Water Association that was calculated using total annual water cycle charges for 100 cubic meters and a 17-gallon, 8.2 minute shower.

Cost of showers

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