How Do Humans Fit Into the 4.5 Billion Years of Life on Earth? (Video)

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According to estimates, life has been present on the Earth for 4.5 billion years. That is a span of time that is incredibly hard for us, as humans, to wrap our heads around. Simply, it's a period that extends beyond—well beyond—our experience as a species. Even the earliest hominids didn't even come close to seeing a live dinosaur and in terms of the total timeframe of life on the planet, even dinosaurs were relatively recent developments.

To make this history a bit more manageable, AsapScience compressed it into a timeframe everyone understands: A single 24 hour day. Plus, there's a fun animation to help explain it all.

So, just how much of that 24 hour day does all of human existence fill? You'll have to watch the video for the answer but—SPOILER ALERT!—not a whole lot considering the long-term impact we may have on the planet.