How to Build Wind Turbine Blades Using Duct Tape

bike wheel wind turbine photo
Video screen capture. Supergokue1

Supergokue1/Video screen capture

From a wind turbine built from scrap to a vertical axis turbine rotor that drew derision and praise in equal measure, we are not short on posts about homemade clean energy projects.

This video—created by YouTube user supergokue1—demonstrates how to make a pretty effective turbine rotor using nothing more than an old bicycle wheel and some duct tape.

Of course the rotor itself is the easy part of any turbine equation. What gets trickier, is how to convert the motion of the wheel into actual electricity. On that part of the puzzle, the project is a work in progress. But in the comments over at YouTube, Lonny (aka supergokue1) explains that he hopes to connect two separate wheels to two DC motors, and it sounds like he will be documenting the process.