How to Build a Beehive Shaped "Holz Hausen" Wood Pile (Video)

Video screen capture. Land Designs Unlimited LLC

There's more than one way to stack a pile of firewood, and it's considered by some to be both a science and an art, as you have to stack it so there is some air circulation to ensure that the wood continues to season or dry before winter. If you want your wood to burn well, it can't be left in a messy heap, and should occupy a sunny spot somewhere accessible from your house.

The Germans have an interesting method of wood-stacking, building what they call a holzhausen ("wood house"), another moniker is the "beehive wood pile." Rising up with a circular, somewhat conical form that resembles a stereotypical beehive, wood is stacked round and round, with irregular-shaped pieces placed vertically inside this round pile to create vertical air movement (a.k.a. "stack effect," ensuring that the wood inside dries as well.

Land Designs Unlimited LLC

Land Designs Unlimited LLC/Video screen captureJohn of Newtown, Connecticut's shows how it's done, giving insights to how it's done (and useful tips on how he fixed his mistakes):

It's a striking technique to try out, if you have the space; see more of our posts on wood-burning below.