15 Houseplant Looks We're Loving Right Now

potted plant

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Find inspiration for adding some beautiful green to your space, and reap the benefits of living with houseplants at the same time.

It really should come as little surprise that houseplants are the workhorses of home decor. Trees basically keep the planet running – so it's no wonder that their little foot soldiers, the houseplants, do a bang-up job of keeping things in order on the home front. They remove indoor air pollution, help deter illness, can improve sleep, boost your mood, and even help alleviate dry skin.

Meanwhile, in this wonky modern world we live in ... it's just so nice to have some humble plants in our midst. They offer us city mice a nice connection to nature and provide a place for us to direct some low-maintenance nurturing. Easier than kids! Even easier than cats and dogs, even if houseplants don't purr of fetch our slippers.

In terms of making them look good at home, it's almost hard to go wrong. That said, there are a lot of ways to make them look fantastic. We're finding inspiration from the following scenarios from Instagram, we hope you do as well.

Dream workspace!

Succulent splendor

Delicate greenery

Avocado grove

Elegant cascade

Dog forest

Man with a plan(t)

Pattern play

Magnificent monstera


The photobomb

Peewee propigation

Kitty jungle

Lush life

Tiny owl forest